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What is Riggy’s?

Riggy’s is a nationwide provider of truck parking, trailer drops, and outdoor storage solutions for the logistics industry. We are working to make it easier for owner-operators, truckers, large fleets, and all carriers within the transportation industry to find a clean and secure place to park and store their trucks and trailers.

What is the security like at Riggy’s?

At a minimum, each location is fully fenced, well lit, has 24/7 controlled gate access, and security cameras throughout. Some Riggy’s facilities will have an on-site guard depending on the size and location of the property and the needs of our clients.

Can I park my truck at Riggy’s monthly, weekly, or daily?

Yes! Click here to see each location for details on reservation options.

Will I have a dedicated spot if I book with Riggy’s?

Yes! If you pre-book your spot with Riggy’s, you will have a dedicated place to call your own. Other than that, it is first come, first serve.

Does Riggy’s only accept semi-trailer trucks, or does Riggy’s also accept trailers and bobtails separately?

We accept all of those options! We even provide parking and storage for dump trucks, box vans, delivery trucks and most commercial vehicles you can think of.

Can I get a referral discount for telling others about Riggy’s?

Yes! And we love the referrals. Thank you! Call us for more details at (281) 296-3714.